Parish Needs


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Our Church

The Church belongs to each of us. It is our second home. It is a place to come together to learn the teachings of Jesus Christ and enjoy Orthodox Christian fellowship. It is a place where we meet others of the same faith and value system. In order to sustain a place of worship, we are obligated to fulfill certain needs, both functional and financial. As our Church community grows, our needs increase. The Church requires the time, talents, and treasures of all of our members to function successfully.


Our Stewardship Goal for 2018

To fund Parish Ministries 100% through stewardship contributions. 

This will eliminate dependence on Panegyri revenue and other major fundraisers to meet operating needs. Other funds raised may then be used for philanthropic efforts and the expansion of our Parish facility.

With your faith and support, we will endeavor to become a true stewardship Parish in 2018, which includes ...

  • All financial and outreach needs are met through stewardship
  • Money raised by festivals and other major fund raising events is used for expanded philanthropic efforts and to support community expansion ... and is not relied upon to support ongoing daily operations
  • Participation encompasses 100% of all age appropriate members of the Parish


What it Takes to Run the Church

In order to carry out the various ministries that are integral to our Parish mission, certain costs must be incurred. These 2018 budgeted amounts reflect actual operating costs only – no costs associated with fundraising are included:

Office/Church Supplies $47,700
Achdiocesan Commitment $98,100
Building Maintenence $177,200
Salaries & Benefits $428,900
Other Expenses $113,700
Capital Improvement Loan Repayment $57,200
Total $922,800


Stewardship Simplified

Spread over all 890 families in our Parish, we would exceed our operating costs if we recieved:

$2.60 per day from each family - the cost of a restaurant beverage.

$20 per week from each family - Dinner for two or dessert for four.

$80 per month from each family - Less than the average cable bill.


What Does Your Stewardship Commitment Fund?

Local Ministries

  • Liturgical Services & Sacraments
  • Music Ministry: choir, chanters, atc.
  • Hospital & Shut-in Ministry
  • Sunday Church School
  • Catechetical Programs: Bible Study, Orthodoxy 101, Reading Group, etc.
  • Parish Book Store
  • Youth Ministry: GOYA, JOY/HOPE, Athletic Programs, etc.
  • Scholarships for Parish Youth
  • Cultural & Social Programs
  • Church Commuinications: website, publications & mailings, live broadcast of services
  • Outreach Ministry: Good Shepherd Food Pantry, New Members, OCF, etc.

National Ministries

  • Archdiocesan & Metropolis Ministries
  • Hellenic College - Holy Cross Seminary
  • St. Nicholas National Shrine

Parish Support

  • Personnel
  • Utilities, grounds & maintenance
  • Facility repairs